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Monday, May 14, 2012
Lee Hyukjae! Youuuu~ Aishhh :)
Okaaay~ I'm mentally slapping myself. Nooooo~! I'm seriously slapping myself. HAHAHAHA :P Breathing is freaking uneven. Grrr.

Oh Hyukjaaaaae~~ You are seriously the one responsible for this!

I went online to make a post about Mother's Day but hella I just watched Lee Hyukjae's sexy dancing and I don't know what to do next! haha. :))

It's freaking HOOOOOOOOOT!
Lahat ng salitang natutunan ko sa FanFic gusto ko isigaaaaaaaaaaaw! ~~

This man really rocks my world. Yea. Him and all the Super Junior!

Why I can't stop fangirling over them? HAHA. It's kinda frustrating.

When I don't see them it's freaking fine. The least thing I can do is to listen to their songs.

But fvck! Whenever I started watching their videos my world turned upside down. I'm freaking hooked again!

And now I keep replaying this video.
Ohhh Hyukjaeeee! You make me wanna give up something I treasure most. HAHAHA. bitchy~~
I freaking love you. :)))


Happy Mother's Day !! ;) Yea. I'm a day late. kkk~
How did you guys celebrate yesterday's event?
As for my family, we just ate together during lunch and went to my lola to greet her personally. kkk~ 

Nooo~ Nothing is special but I just love us being together.
Knowing my brother kk~ Hari Ng Gala yun. Kala mo natutunaw sa loob ng bahay.

Here's our pictures : Strike a pose! ^____^

Can't help not going crazy over LEE HYUKJAE~ :))

Posted by kryk