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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Hey Youuuu. <:
Hey I'm Mr. Simpleeee~! Because you naughty, naughty! :))
This post is definitely not kpop related. Yeap. At least I think it's not. 

Anyway, it's midnight so happy Tuesday~! :")

I ate many sweets earlier and I think my sugar level haven't gone down yet. I'm still freaking hyper. :|
I actually should be sleeping because I'm up for something later.
Uhmm~ I won't eat sweets starting tomorrow!
What I had earlier will be the last for THiS WEEK. Mark that! HAHA. ;P
Or else aishhh~ I should cut off my tongue. Lol. :))

Okaaaay ~ I don't know how to put all of my thoughts together. HAHA. ;P
I'm fail in expressing myself nowadays but I think I clearly point out everything with my previous post and this is somehow related with it. kk~ :)

Call me stupid or what but I'm in the point of my life where I wanna be careless and selfish.
Kahit ngayon lang. Ngayon lang. :)

I have been this kind of a person who never dare to break rules, been too isolated, been contented living in my comfort zone (where in fact I know there is more I just never try to explore), and even been too play safe all along. 

I am totally the opposite of my brother and believe me I'm freaking jealous about it.
Or it is just maybe because I'm the eldest so I think differently from him.

How carefree my brother is?

Believe meeee, I almost cry seeing their vandals in one of the public places here. I cursed him a lot! 
The wall was painted white and there his freaking name on it in a red spray paint!
I have almost lost my senses and wanted to hit him hard! Aish~

Guess what he told me?
"Naiinggit ka ba? Bayaan mo sa susunod pangalan mo na ilalagay ko."

Grabe. If I take everything seriously I might end up beating him!
Hindi ko alam kung saan nakukuha ng kapatid ko yung katwiran niya. T__T

But that's him~ kk~ Him being careless isn't new to me.
Though I'm the eldest I still think he is the more experienced one.

I'm ranting about my brother. haha :P
If he'll knew about this he will surely kill me. :)
But I love him anyway! No matter what.

And yeaaap like what I have said I wanna be careless and selfish this time.
Careless that I won't mind making stupid decision being happy.
Selfish for owning someone who's not mine. Like mentally owning, I guess. Lol. :")
Remember the guy on my previous post? :)
Everything is about him.
I clearly told you I like him and I just confessed it to him too. HAHA. :P
Don't ask me his reaction, okay? :)

But we're doing totally great!~ and I'm actually really happy.

I told you we haven't met personally yet.
So, yeaaap~ my feeling is kinda bias but I like him a lot.
It is actually more than just the simple "like." YOU KNOW~ ;PP
We did talk a lot of times, and kill me, I'm really in love with his voice. :P

Whether this is true or not, permanent or not, if I will fail or not, LET ME.
At the end, if I end up making a hatred post can you slap me hard and pull me back to reality? :)

But for now, can you allow me? Because I'm loving the moment with his presence. I'm loving the fact he's with me. I'm loving myself being this happy. I'm loving myself being brave. I'm loving myself being open for someone.

Can you feel me? I'm just this happy! :))))
Posted by kryk