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Saturday, August 18, 2012
Best Birthday Ever!
Annyeonghaseyo! *bow*

I'm happpppppy! I can vividly remember anything what happened last Wednesday.
I was celebrating two things that day, my birthday and SiHae (Siwon and Donghae) in Manila.

Siwon and Donghae became Bench newest endorsers and this event has been anticipated for months.
Seriously, I was praying really hard for this. You know how Siwon started my year so freaking epic when I saw him last January during their commercial shoot as well with the two members, Kyu and Hyuk.
Siwon has a special place in my bias list. Finally, the much awaited event happened last August 15, 2012 at Trinoma Event Center.

The said place was full packed of Super Junior fans which known as ELF -- Everlasting Friends.

Surprisingly, I saw an old lady together with bunch of younger folks. This is super cute!
Hwaiting granny! I'm wondering who's grandma's bias? Hihi. :)

The event started about 5 in the afternoon and lasted for just an hour but believe me all the wait was worth.

I was there in the event and believe me many ELF would have died to be in my place. :)))
I think since it was also my birthday I was having a good luck.
I'm one of those 15 people who got the chance to bring home a signed poster and had the chance to have a meet and greet with Siwon and Donghae!
How was that? HAHAHA I'm such a lucky fella. :))

This lucky Benchi which I picked was the reason why I made it to the VIP section. :)

When the staff told us to fall in line I was the first. ASDFGHJKLOVE! I was really shaking! Hihi.
Just by thinking that I was going to see them closer. AHHHH~~~ The feeling was really intense.
I was told by the staff that there's no kiss or hug allowed. Okaaaaaaaaay~~ Haha.
Even though how much I wanted that kiss. Lol. :)

Standing in front of Siwon and Donghae was the best moment ever!
I was waving my both hands and greeting them.
I was star struck in Siwon's face. I freaking love his nose. OMG! He looked like a doll. 
Siwon handed me the signed poster and personally offered shake hands!
Like the fxck! If I can only melt that time. Hihi. :))
I was able to hold Siwon's hand. Oh la la la la la love.
I was telling him, "Oppa, I love you! Saranghae!" and he was smiling so widely.
Ahhhh~~ My heart just melted.

Then I moved to Donghae and say the same thing. Hihi. :))
Donghae has the sweetest smile ever. Yes, we did shake hands too!

Can you imagine how lucky I was? I feel really overwhelmed!
Seriously, I felt a bit dizzy from too much happiness. HAHA.
Saying thank you has never been enough.  And what makes me even more happier was all of my friends kept saying I really deserved such experience and it was a birthday gift from SiHae. Hihi :)

So my birthday this year was really EPiC! :))

I don't know how many times I said THANK YOU TO SIR BEN CHAN of Bench before and after the event but I really mean it! kk~ He brought me the greatest gift ever!

THANK YOU SIR! *salute*

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