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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Monday, January 30, 2012
Boredom + Random = Post
Hey, bloggie! i missed you :)) How are you? *kiss all over the monitor kkk~~* /smirk.

Okay, it has been almost two or three weeks since my last post. Uhhm i guess? kkk~ ;)
I don't know what the heck happen to me to the point that I almost loss my passion of blogging. T___T
I even thought about deleting this. Really.
Crazy me for having that thought. *smack head~*

I'm having random thoughts right now hihii. Ü I don't know what to tell actually.. . *thinks*

OOOH. :))

It is still my off right now. Me wanted to go to mall but sadly nobody can accompany me.
Isn't that sad. T___T
Mom has work today. Nobody is free. Only me. *cries*
I just stay at home and watched movies.

I finished two movies and decided to go online. See, that's why I am here.
Blameeeeee  my boredom. *stick out tongue* kkk~~

What the thing that keeps me busy aside from work?
Of course, FF. Yes, still addicted to that.
I even joined RP HAHAHA. SOOO MUCH FUN. ^^
My character is Hyukkie. I just love being HiM.
Nasty or nice. Liberated or conservative. Everything is still Hyukkie. :))


^^ City Hunter is currently airing in our national television.
I love the Kdrama. I just love Kim Nana & Poo Chai. :)))
You better watch that drama too.

EEEH. ^^

I'm thinking about having my hair cut short since summer is coming. Hihii.
But can't decide yet. Pfff. *sigh*
I don't know what to dooooo! :/

I told you, I'm too random today. HAHA Sorry. Ü

P.S. Doing my blog rounds.
Will visit more blogs today. :>>

Even the best fall down sometimes.. .
Posted by kryk
Thursday, January 12, 2012
Meet Poo Chai Ü
Annyeong ~~~ :)
Ne, ne, this is Tamtam again. Hihi. See, when I said you'll see me here often, I mean it.
Lols. Ü So, mom is so generous. We went to SM already thrice this week. Isn't she too mall addict? kekeke. Like we went there for nothing. Huuu. Just strolling and buying unnecessary stuffs. Really. But the last time we went there, she bought gifts for granny. :)
Cooooool ~ And since she said I have been a good boy, she bought me a playmate!
Yipeeeee :PP Yes, yes *nods* I am going to introduce you to my buddy.

His name is Poo Chai. kekeke. Mom named him after Lee Minho's character in City Hunter (the Thai Name.)  Yes, she already finished that Kdrama. Addicted much? hihii. Ü So, tell me isn't Poo Chai is as cute as me? kekek! ^^

See, how cute we are? :) Handsome as Lee Minho. Ü

I'll be back again soon.  :))



Little Tamtam
Posted by kryk
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Hello! I'm Tamtam

Hello ~~
My name is Tamtam and my mom is Krykie she calls me little tamtam or bbytamtam. :)
As you see, I am a little monkey so my daddy is no other than Lee Hyukjae.
Bet you see our similarities, Ehh? ^^
Yea. My mom is quite obsessed with Hyukkie since Heechul is still in the army. Ü
And blame those great FF she reads kekek! That makes her drools more over my daddy Hyukkie. ;)

I told my mom to make me my own blog but she just don't want so I'm here invading hers. kkk~!
You will see me every now and then here.
I promise to be a good boy. Ehh. :))

Did you know that Siwon & Kyuhyun hyung with daddy Hyukkie went to the PH to shoot for a commercial?
We were there! kekeke ~~ Yea. Mom was crazy stalking the three.
She saw Siwonssi and Kyuhyunssi but not my daddy Hyukkie, isn't that too sad? T______T
But I know my mom is freaking happy since she at least managed to see that two.
Oh well kekeke I'm super happy too! Siwon hyung seems really really nice!
He always taking pictures and kept tweeting about their place. Hohoo. Hyung is the best!
Kyuhyun hyung, omoooo~ his hair! I envy his hair. So stunning! I should ask mom to dye my hair like that. Hihii. I bet I will become more handsome, ne? :)

I'll be back next time for more stories, okay? :) It's just mom needs to work now.
Jalgayo ^^


Posted by kryk
Sunday, January 1, 2012
Happy 2012 :)
Fail blogger, YES I AM!

Almost a month since my last post, right?
Oh well. Such a lazy blogger but hey! I really been busy though.
So, forgive me will you? besides it's new year already kekeke!

Merry Christmas (freaking late greetings) & Happy New Year!

Well, I had a gloomy Christmas eve since it was just us four at home.
Nothing is really much special that night. We just ate and sleep.
Christmas day itself, mom and I just went to MOA ate, bought gift for my boss, and stroll around.

Good thing my New Year is a lot way better than my Christmas. :)
Although, I hate how my neighbors just slept with these two occasions.
Seriously, I feel like we are the only one celebrating those occasions.
Their house was all locked up and too dark. :|

How will you feel if your neighbors are like that?

My cousin went to celebrate with us last night. So, we then became five. lols!
Better than four. :))

We ate together and had pictures.

look at my baby tam tam :) so freaking adorable, right?

Ohhh the reason why I was force to stay awake is because I am waiting for Siwon and Kyu to arrive here in our country. So, they are freaking here already! Damn!



Posted by kryk