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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Hey, I'm still alive. Lol.
Heeey~ Ohh please stop staring... Yes, you are not dreaming! I have new entry! Hooraaaay! :)
Almost two months of hiatus. Awww. Sorry. :|

Sooooo, where the hell will I start my rumblings? Uhh. ~~
Many things happened bad and good ones! kk~ :)
  • Been forever overwhelmed with my SiHae experience. Okay, until now kinikilig pa rin ako dun kase. HAHAHA. Our hands shaking together. Damn. Lucky me! :)))
  • My brother celebrated his 22nd birthday.
  • I felt girly and took lot of selcas! :> Yeaaaap. I was in the mood that time, baby! :)) Kaso I did not upload much. I hate how people think I'm freaking pretty in photos. It's just photos. :( And I'm not like that in person. It's just I can express myself more in photos. Lahat ng kaartehan pwede. Hihi. :)
  • Heeeey~ I can eat tomato na and tinapa too, yung bangus ha! Saraaaap~ HAHA I love how my taste buds evolve. It's just I still freaking hate condiments. T_T big NO WAY!
  • I had eye allergy and had treatment for two weeks.. I had my check up today, my eyes are better but damn now, I have skin allergy. :(( Many red rashes. Kadiri ihh. Another treatment. WTH. T____T Kawawa naman ako. :(
  • I went to MOA with Karl last Sunday. As expected we had fun! :)) We took lot of pictures, kk~ played at timezone and seriously looking for gwapo, there are, but no one really caught our attention. :( Sayang di ba? Nyahaha~ Our freaking loyal hearts.
  • I met my high school friends last Sunday night too. It was really epic! HAHA. I miss those kind of moments. It has been quite a while since the last time we have been together. Yeaaaa. It was bitin and we still longing for more hours together. It's just too late na ihh. kk~ They left our house past 12 midnight na. kk~ but bitin talaga!
  • I was supposed to go to CosMania last last Sunday but someone borrowed my Enma Ai costume. Never got the chance to see Reikaaaa honey. :(  Worse thing, she has not return my costume yet. I wanna twist her neck~ that girl!
  • And my fave topic. Lol. Mr. O. I don't have any idea if I already share this here, but yeaaaa~ Mr. O, my ultimate crush as of now. What's special about him? HE IS PINOY! hahahaha :)) Yessss, finally after three years I got attracted with pinoy again. You know how I have been in to Koreans because of kpop, right? And being attracted with pinoy is really a weird thing to me. Hindi ako sanay. Lol. I always got attracted by other Asian guys -- Koreans, Japanese, or Taiwanese. Name one! :P
Okaaaaaaaay, Mr. O is a crew in the first milk tea stall in Cavite. I was supposed to do a blog review about their products pero parang mas gusto kong gawan ng review si Mr. O. HAHAHA kidding. :) I'm happy being like this. The idol-fan relationship thing. Fangirling over him just like with my Super Junior. He is my idol and I am his fan. Soooo, yeaaaa. there are some stalking. Lol. BUT SERIOUSLY I'M HARMLESS. HE HAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Errr. Won't do any shit. I just loving the feeling he is giving me that kilig factor and everything.
Not because I'm 23, I can't have crush, right? Damn. I'm human! :)
To tell you the truth I managed to know his real name through the product fanpage's admin (they are related, uncle-nephew thing). Yeaaaa. Never expect to have the guts to asked such question using my personal facebook account. HAHAHA ;) at oo, nakipagkulitan pa ako dun sa admin. Nakakahiya T____T pero sana nakalimutan na niya ako, di ba? :)
I knew his last name through the receipt. HAHA Yes, that's how clever I can be. Naisip ko pa talagang tingnan yung cashier code. Puahaha. So far, I know his real name, age, location, and the school he went to. Don't freak out. Never knew his exact location. I just know, we are living in the same town. I'm satisfied just by knowing few basic facts about him and for me, that's really enough. Maybe, I'm just too overwhelmed kasi aminin ko man or hindi kamuka niya si Mr. Uhhhmmmm~ (basta!) and that's what made me more attractive to him I guess. At pinoy siya, pinoy! hahaha :) Yun ang big deal ihh.

I find him so serious. Yes, he smiles but sobrang tipid. T____T I dunno.

Why so serious, Mr. O? But actually, I like it. So snobbish. :) SMR became my fave mall ever since I got attracted with you, alam mo ba yun? Hihi. And just by seeing you, my heart goes lub-dub T_T Soooo yeaaaa super crush nga kita. Nyahahaha ~~ :)) And so sorry, without your permission my friends managed to took pictures and video of you. SORRY. :) Promise, it's for my eyes only. I like you. Well, I just like you. Ü

Photos to share 1-selcas; 2-MOA with Karl and 3-with highschool friends. :)

P. S. I will do blog hop tomorrow~ Yeeeeeeeeeees! :)))
Posted by kryk