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Friday, December 21, 2012
Epic Memories, fan meets idol.

Before anything else, HAPPY HOLIDAYS. :)
I’m sure most of us will spend this season with our loved ones so enjoy! :)

Anyway, I did join an online cosplay contest kk~
Can you help me? For the procedure please proceed to Anthony’s Blog Here ---


You know what’s one of the best feelings ever? Being able to meet up-close those people you idolize.
SUPER EPIC MOMENT! :)) I know I sound crazy kase I’m talking about fangirling na naman. HAHA Sorry but I guess fangirling is really my thing. I have been a fangirl for most of my life.  You see, I started fangirling over Westlife when I was 8 years old and it lasted for about 13 freaking years. Yea. That loooooong ~ :)))

Then I started admiring SUPER JUNiOR late of 2010 and until now I am still in love them. I even think that my love for them is greater than what I had for Westlife. Lalo tuloy akong naniwala na pagdating sa love hindi pwedeng maging basehan kung gaano kaikli o katagal ang pinagsamahan. Srsly. :)

I can say that being an ELF is one thing I can never ever regret. I feel like I BELONG TO THIS FANDOM ever since medyo late ko nga lang siguro na’discover. Hihi. But anyway, you see 2012 has been a very great year for my fangirling life. Sobraaa ~~~ that I couldn’t ask for more.

January 2 -- The Kyochon commercial shooting where we were able to see Siwon, Kyuhyun and Hyukjae [although ako, hindi ko talaga nakita si Hyuk nun :(( pero KyuWon OMG! So closeeee! hahaha xD]

August 15 -- My freaking birthday! :)) You know that I received the best gift ever. The passes was from ate Mayette, her birthday gift ^_^ and that lucky Bench paper I picked that made me able to be one of the fifteen lucky people to join the meet and greet with Siwon and Donghae! Though they are not my bias but damn, they are SUPER JUNiOR! Kung pwede lang mag-lupasay sa stage nun sa sobrang galak malamang ginawa ko na. kk~ :) At sobrang umiyak talaga ako pag-uwi ko nun. Hihi. Sobrang saya ko kase. ^____^

November 3 -- SJCON! The first kpop convention I have ever attended. Okaaaay, because of this I met Super Simple [Super Junior’s cover group] and yes, aside from Super Junior I started admiring their group. I dunno why. I know they are just ordinary people like us but these kids, the Super Simple, they are freaking charming! I love them being Super Junior’s CG. They are awesome. I guess most of the kpop fans know them. Yeaaap, kung sa kpop world sa Pilipinas I guess we can clearly say na super sikat sila. OKAAAY, late na naman ako sa pag’discover neto ihh. HAHA I never attended conventions kase so the first time I really knew about them was during SJ Con lang. I started admiring Ben too. He’s covering Hyukjae. He’s my bias then Rhein, Renz, Brent. kk~ :) You don’t know them? Better start searching! :)

I forgot how many kpop conventions I attended after SJCon lahat yun dahil kay Ben and other Super Simple members.

So, have you seen the transition? kk~ From kpop stars to kpop cosplayers! hihi :) And I’m proud to say that I really love them a lot. It’s really like a fan-idol relationship. :)

I have seen real KPOP STARS and KPOP cosplayers.

Yung pakiramdam na biglang manlalamig yung kamay mo, yung puso mo na kulang nalang sumabog sa sobrang kaba at saya, yung pagkahawak sa kamay nila bigla kang magdadasal na sana huminto ang oras, yung picture taking kasama yung idol mo -- LAHAT NG YAN, ;)
EPiC MOMENTS! Epic memories that will surely make me smile every time I remember.

Marami pa akong hinahangaan, yung mga writers sa wattpad, yung lalaking gentleman na nagbigay ng upuan dun sa kasabay namin sa bus, yung mga magulang na iniisip ang kapakanan ng anak nila bago ang lahat, yung cute na bata sa mall, si kuya na gwapo, :) at marami pang iba.

Hindi naman importante kung sikat o hindi yung taong hinahangaan mo.
Ang importante, alam mo kung bakit mo siya/sila hinahangaan. :)

Posted by kryk
Saturday, December 1, 2012
True Love

Define love? No, I don’t have any definition of love at lalong wala ako sa lugar para mag-magaling sa bagay na yan.
Compare to anyone, my experience of love is nothing.
But let me tell you a story where I witnessed TRUE LOVE.

It has been five years since my lolo died. 
I know there is still pain but we manage to live with it.
Incomplete? Yes, but we are trying to fill what’s missing.

This is the first time I’m going to talk about this. No one knows. It’s me, only me. And maybe this is why I have this special connection with him. I see him in my dreams and that “encounter thing.” 
Hindi ako duwag pero the mere fact I saw him standing near me --- ASDFGHJKL!
I never intended to be afraid but yea I admit I was really frightened!
No, I’m not crazy. I believe it was him, him wearing his yellow jacket.

It was back in December 8, 2007, town fiesta! After being hospitalized, he was slowly recovering.
We went to church, ate, talked, and laughed together. After the all-day fun who would have thought it was his last day with us.

Past 11 in the evening when my auntie told us that he was having trouble with his breathing.
INSTINCT--HOSPITAL! We need to rush him!

I was there, I was in their room [grandparent’s room.] I saw him walking slowly, ang bagal, tapos hinahabol niya yung paghinga niya. I saw my lola who was sleeping soundly. Inaalalayan ko si tatay, alam mo kung ano yung sinasabi niya sa akin kahit nahihirapan na siyang huminga? pinipinilit niya pa ring sabihing:

 “Wag mo ng gigising ang nanay mo, mag-aalala lang yan.”

Tandang-tanda ko yun. Habang inaalalayan ko siyang palabas ng kwarto paulit-ulit niyang pilit sinasabing “Wag mo ng gigising ang nanay mo.”
Sinunod ko siya at bago kami tuluyang makalabas ng kwarto nila I saw nanay who was still sleeping soundly.

He was rushed to the hospital and guess what, we still lose him.
Ang sakit, sakit. Ramdam na ramdam namin yung sakit. Hindi kami handa.
He was recovering di ba? Anong nangyari, all of a sudden nawala siya sa amin.

You know what’s the worse scenario? Yung nagising yung lola ko tapos hinahanap niya si tatay. Ang sakit. Yun ang pinakamasakit. Kung ako ngang nakasama niya bago siya dalhin sa hospital ganun na yung naramdaman, ano pa yung lola ko na ang alam ay sabay silang natulog at umaasang sabay silang gigising?

Minsan naisip kong mali atang sinunod ko si tatay na hindi ko ginising si nanay.
They never had the chance to bid goodbye to each other.
They never had that chance or was it my fault because I let that chance slipped?

If only I wake her up.. .

If only we knew it was his last day.. .

If only I can turn back the time.. . BUT if I can.. . maybe I will still do the same.

As years passed by I realized maybe it was tatay’s way of showing how much he loves nanay.
He never wanted her to worry. He never wanted her to get hurt. He saved her from greater pain and that’s not to see him  giving up and losing his own life.
I believe he died peacefully. And maybe that goodbye was never really intended to happen between them but another hello the moment they see each other again.

It took me years to share this, I dunno why, but maybe this is the perfect time.
I’m not letting go of the memory, I’ll keep it the way I did few years back but now I’m not alone since YOU also know the story. :)

I may not be able to define what love is but I know to myself my heart does understand what love means. :)

Posted by kryk