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Tuesday, January 8, 2013
It runs in the blood.
Fangirling is a world where fangirls are the people and where the biases serve as the basic needs. :)

I feel like a zombie right now. I barely had an hour of sleep since yesterday blame all those ideas popping out in my head last night. While I was peacefully lying in my bed there's a lot of crazy fangirl things running in my mind. So, yea. I end up typing all in my phone notes and yes it was another sleepless night. kk~

You know I am fangirl, right? A proud ELF to be exact! And if you are my facebook friend I'm sure you have seen some of my posts regarding of my lola being a fangirl too.

Kaya nga di ba palagi kong sinasabi, it runs in the blood. :))

I think my lola and I have lot of things in common.
Aside for being a fangirl, we two love to reminisce, such a crybaby, and fond of keeping any kind of remembrance.

My lola is now 83 years old and believe me until now kung kiligin yan kay Victor Wood, wagas wagas! hahaha :)) I don't know much about Victor Wood and even my other cousins but hella yeaaa~ yung kanta niyang "Eternally" without looking for the lyrics online, namemorize namin~~! Paano nangyari? Simple, sa halos araw-araw na pagpapatugtog ng lola ko. HAHAHA  Mapa-umaga man o tanghali, kahit anong oras pa yan~ When she feels like listening to it, asahan mo~! Nagsusumigaw ang "I'll be loving you eternally, with a love so true, eternally~~" oh and one more thing, asahan mo habang naka-play ang Eternally, yung lola namin naiyak na~ :)) See? Even just this song can make her cry. But I know why she's like that, every time she hears this song I'm totally sure she thinks of my beloved lolo (RIP) I don't know whether it's their theme song or not but nakamulatan ko na yung kantang  yan ever since. When my lolo died, yan yung kantang tinututog ng mosiko. At sa lahat ng video or slideshow presentations na nagawa ko para sa kanya hindi pwedeng mawala ang kantang yun. SO YEAAAA. SUPER IMMUNE NA AKO/KAMI. haha :))
And even people around her, kahit yung kapitbahay or taga kabilang kalye. Basta narinig yung walang kamatayang "Eternally" lola ko palagi daw ang naiisip nila. :))

How hardcore a fangirl she is? Oh well~ sa pagkalap ko lang naman ng impormasyon she made her own chapter of Victor Wood's fan club sa NAIC, CAVITE! hahaha OMG~ :) She was the adviser. Kamusta naman yun? At tinalo talaga ako. HAHAHA :) I'm a fan pero hanggang doon lang, I mean I join fan clubs but never na naging officials and she was! FTW~ :)

She told me stories about her being able to see Victor Wood up-close for so many times! She was able to visit him in his house and met Victor's mom. She even went to studios. WTF~! Sobrang consistent! HAHA  I'm wondering kung gaano kalaki ang nagastos niya sa fangirling life niya noon. hihi. :)) Patas na kaya kami? Lol. :)

I'll tell you a funny story --- My lola was invited to Victor Wood's birthday. Ayun, ehh di ba nga super fan, super attend ang lola. Nung time daw na pauwi na HAHAHAHA walang masakyan dahil gabi na (if you know my place, ang super layo kasi neto) my lola and her friends end up hitching sa isang delivery truck ng kawayan going to Cavite. HAHAHA FTW~ :) ANG LAKAS MAKA FANATIC . HAHAHAHA :) Sacrifice to the F ang peg. hihi~

And for all I know may asawa at anak na ang lola ko nung nag-fangirl siya. HAHAHA :)) How was that? SUCH A HARDCORE HAHA!

I personally see myself in her. Seriously~ No one thought me who to love or who to admire. Para sa akin kase just like real love, may spark rin yan. Hihi. Once you get hooked, there's no turning back. Seize the moment! I'm sure by loving Super Junior I'm facing big adventure. :) Loving them is one of the best thing I have ever did, seriously! :) Iba ang Super Junior, ibang-iba. 

I am a fangirl and I guess I will always be. Fangirling is not just about staring at their photos, watching their videos or spazzing. There is more about fangirling. :)
You gotta find and understand it yourself. :)) 

Fangirls are happy people , we have unlimited inspirations.

Fangirls are great investigators, we know how to stalk.

Fangirls are devoted people, we offer pure love to our bias.

Fangirls are resourceful, we have the brightest idea on how to earn  and save money.

Fangirls are amazing people, we have super extended family connected by heart.

Posted by kryk