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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Text/Online friends to Real-life friends.
Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, IP, et cetera ~~ It fun meeting new friends, right? Lalo na yung tipong hindi lang hanggang text or social networking sites kayo nakakapag-interact kung hindi pati na rin sa personal. :)

I was 11 years old when I got my first cellphone ever, a 3-liner Motorola phone. Then, I was in highschool when I started joining clans kk~ :) If you are familiar with Net 25, they have this show where they only play music videos and there's like a chatbox at the bottom part. Yeaaaap~ I'm one of those texters. ^____^ I am one of the so called "players" and I belong to the Westlife fan group which is called Lifers Guild. :)))
Naalala ko pa tuloy yung mga boyband fanwars. HAHAHA. :)) Kampihan. Lol.
Westlife vs. A1/BSB/Blue awwww~ memories. :)))

I was also in highschool when I first attended an eyeball. How it was? It was freaking nice! I was able to meet them personally! Mostly kasi they are older than me so I'm having this ate or kuya figure in them. I don't know how many times I attended players EB but I guess it's like 5 to 7 times. I remember there's an instance where my text friends had a sleep over in our house too. kk~ ^_^ Nagiging ganun kasi talaga kami ka'close. :))

I'm letting my parents meet those people. I'm vocal with it at ayoko rin namang mag-alala sila. :) The only worse thing happened to me during an eyeball was when I accidentally lost my phone but so far every meet-up I attended laging masaya kaya I'm freaking sad every time na nakakadinig or kita ako  ng mga bad news regarding EB, like there's a rape incident happened or na hold-up sila et cetera. T________T

Meeting new friends is fun bakit kailangan sad ending ang nangyayari sa iba?
Well, I still believe you need to have those rules/cautions for yourself. So, I will try to list some random things to consider before meeting your online/text friends personally.

1. Don't choose the gender whom to befriend with. I guess this is one of the common mistakes other people is committing. I don't know why there are girls who only wants to befriend with guys  and vice versa which I think is really wrong. :) I have tons of girl online/text friends and it's really fun because we can have girls talk at anytime. IT IS STILL YOUR DECISION though. :) Just be more cautious. Others really like just to flirt around. Uhhh~ T_T

2. Know your online/text friends more, having common friends can really help a lot. :)

3. Build trust. This is super important. Make sure you are not interacting with poseur. Damn. That's one of the worse thing ever. I, myself experienced it. So please people be careful. If you have to ask for a fansign or video do it! At least you can be sure you are not befriending with fake people.

4. Ask each other's interest or any random things you can talk about. Being comfortable with each other is best! ^_^ It's more fun if you guys have the same interest with music, food, hobby, etc. [You can be an instant food buddies~ :)))]

5. Be open with your parents. Tell them stories about people you meet online or even just through text. Any stories. Their names, ages, location, how you guys met, etc.

6. For first timers, I strongly suggest doing EB by group. Bring your real-life friend/parents if you are not comfortable being alone. Mas mabuti na may back up, di ba? Hihi. :))
But if you are going to meet the same people for nth times you can go alone. You know them well, right? Hindi mo naman sila siguro imi'meet ng paulit ulit if you don't trust them.

7. Buy your own food. Wag umasa. Lol. :))) It is safer especially if you are going to meet them for the first time alone. You have your own money, buy your own food. Ikaw ang pumili, ikaw ang pumila. :) If you can treat them do it. It's fun to share. At least if ikaw ang mag-share alam mong there's nothing in the food. ^_^ Malinis ang konsyensya mo, di ba? :)))

8. Never go anywhere else aside from the venue. If the location is inside the mall, neorebang, function hall, etc. Doon ka lang. DON'T YOU DARE TUMULAD SA IBANG SASAMA PA SA BAHAY AT MAKIKIPAG-INUMAN, sasakalin kita! haha :)) Srsly, I believe nasa tao rin yan. You go there to have fun why will you put yourself into trouble? Sige nga, tell meee! Ang utak, ginagamit rin, okay? :) Hihiiiii. Charot~

9. Have a curfew. Hindi porket pinayagan ka ng magulang mo ehh lulubos-lubusin mo na. Wag namang abusado. Lol. If your parents want you at home at 6 pm, umuwi ka before 6 pm, at wag mong kalimutang mag-uwi ng pasalubong! :) Hahaha :))

10. Take photos and enjoy. :) Believe me, after meet-up mas lalo pa kayong magiging close. :)

I lost counting how many times I attended EB/gatherings/meet-ups simula nung lifers days palang tapos the park community hanggang sa mga kpop fangirls/fanboys ngayon. I have been doing this for almost 10 years. :))

Some of the people I met got married and have kids na. :) Knowing the fact that we manage to keep a constant communication ever since awww do you think I will just consider them as online/text friends? Darn. No waaaay~ They are my friends, real-life friends. :)))

Now, I'm being ate to most of my fangirl/fanboy friends. I have instant little sisters and brothers which I just met online and met personally during events, darn I super love them freaking much. :)) Bet that is one of the greatest feelings, taking care of people. :)))

The Park Community GEB at MOA [2008]

Petals PH Gathering [2011]

Random Gatherings [2012]
Yeap I even met my korean online friend kk~ :)

 I was with my mom with these three solo EB.
HAHAHAHA :)) Cool, right? :) And yeap the first photo is a guy!
Nakikipag-eb ako sa guy with my mom. Lol :PP

I have tons of photoS to share. Lol. :)) Kaso yan nalang muna ang haba na kasi. Next time  I will share the photo of the very first EB I attended, I'm just too lazy to scan those now. kk~ Ang taba taba ko pa dun. HAHAHA as in. :)))) I'm sure tatawanan ninyo ko. :)))

Anyway, I don't know why I'm enjoying meeting online friends maybe because I just love having random convo and I'm enjoying to learn cultures and interests. :))

I hope this post can help sa mga may balak makipag-meet with their online/text friends. ^_____^

Posted by kryk