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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Text/Online friends to Real-life friends.
Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, IP, et cetera ~~ It fun meeting new friends, right? Lalo na yung tipong hindi lang hanggang text or social networking sites kayo nakakapag-interact kung hindi pati na rin sa personal. :)

I was 11 years old when I got my first cellphone ever, a 3-liner Motorola phone. Then, I was in highschool when I started joining clans kk~ :) If you are familiar with Net 25, they have this show where they only play music videos and there's like a chatbox at the bottom part. Yeaaaap~ I'm one of those texters. ^____^ I am one of the so called "players" and I belong to the Westlife fan group which is called Lifers Guild. :)))
Naalala ko pa tuloy yung mga boyband fanwars. HAHAHA. :)) Kampihan. Lol.
Westlife vs. A1/BSB/Blue awwww~ memories. :)))

I was also in highschool when I first attended an eyeball. How it was? It was freaking nice! I was able to meet them personally! Mostly kasi they are older than me so I'm having this ate or kuya figure in them. I don't know how many times I attended players EB but I guess it's like 5 to 7 times. I remember there's an instance where my text friends had a sleep over in our house too. kk~ ^_^ Nagiging ganun kasi talaga kami ka'close. :))

I'm letting my parents meet those people. I'm vocal with it at ayoko rin namang mag-alala sila. :) The only worse thing happened to me during an eyeball was when I accidentally lost my phone but so far every meet-up I attended laging masaya kaya I'm freaking sad every time na nakakadinig or kita ako  ng mga bad news regarding EB, like there's a rape incident happened or na hold-up sila et cetera. T________T

Meeting new friends is fun bakit kailangan sad ending ang nangyayari sa iba?
Well, I still believe you need to have those rules/cautions for yourself. So, I will try to list some random things to consider before meeting your online/text friends personally.

1. Don't choose the gender whom to befriend with. I guess this is one of the common mistakes other people is committing. I don't know why there are girls who only wants to befriend with guys  and vice versa which I think is really wrong. :) I have tons of girl online/text friends and it's really fun because we can have girls talk at anytime. IT IS STILL YOUR DECISION though. :) Just be more cautious. Others really like just to flirt around. Uhhh~ T_T

2. Know your online/text friends more, having common friends can really help a lot. :)

3. Build trust. This is super important. Make sure you are not interacting with poseur. Damn. That's one of the worse thing ever. I, myself experienced it. So please people be careful. If you have to ask for a fansign or video do it! At least you can be sure you are not befriending with fake people.

4. Ask each other's interest or any random things you can talk about. Being comfortable with each other is best! ^_^ It's more fun if you guys have the same interest with music, food, hobby, etc. [You can be an instant food buddies~ :)))]

5. Be open with your parents. Tell them stories about people you meet online or even just through text. Any stories. Their names, ages, location, how you guys met, etc.

6. For first timers, I strongly suggest doing EB by group. Bring your real-life friend/parents if you are not comfortable being alone. Mas mabuti na may back up, di ba? Hihi. :))
But if you are going to meet the same people for nth times you can go alone. You know them well, right? Hindi mo naman sila siguro imi'meet ng paulit ulit if you don't trust them.

7. Buy your own food. Wag umasa. Lol. :))) It is safer especially if you are going to meet them for the first time alone. You have your own money, buy your own food. Ikaw ang pumili, ikaw ang pumila. :) If you can treat them do it. It's fun to share. At least if ikaw ang mag-share alam mong there's nothing in the food. ^_^ Malinis ang konsyensya mo, di ba? :)))

8. Never go anywhere else aside from the venue. If the location is inside the mall, neorebang, function hall, etc. Doon ka lang. DON'T YOU DARE TUMULAD SA IBANG SASAMA PA SA BAHAY AT MAKIKIPAG-INUMAN, sasakalin kita! haha :)) Srsly, I believe nasa tao rin yan. You go there to have fun why will you put yourself into trouble? Sige nga, tell meee! Ang utak, ginagamit rin, okay? :) Hihiiiii. Charot~

9. Have a curfew. Hindi porket pinayagan ka ng magulang mo ehh lulubos-lubusin mo na. Wag namang abusado. Lol. If your parents want you at home at 6 pm, umuwi ka before 6 pm, at wag mong kalimutang mag-uwi ng pasalubong! :) Hahaha :))

10. Take photos and enjoy. :) Believe me, after meet-up mas lalo pa kayong magiging close. :)

I lost counting how many times I attended EB/gatherings/meet-ups simula nung lifers days palang tapos the park community hanggang sa mga kpop fangirls/fanboys ngayon. I have been doing this for almost 10 years. :))

Some of the people I met got married and have kids na. :) Knowing the fact that we manage to keep a constant communication ever since awww do you think I will just consider them as online/text friends? Darn. No waaaay~ They are my friends, real-life friends. :)))

Now, I'm being ate to most of my fangirl/fanboy friends. I have instant little sisters and brothers which I just met online and met personally during events, darn I super love them freaking much. :)) Bet that is one of the greatest feelings, taking care of people. :)))

The Park Community GEB at MOA [2008]

Petals PH Gathering [2011]

Random Gatherings [2012]
Yeap I even met my korean online friend kk~ :)

 I was with my mom with these three solo EB.
HAHAHAHA :)) Cool, right? :) And yeap the first photo is a guy!
Nakikipag-eb ako sa guy with my mom. Lol :PP

I have tons of photoS to share. Lol. :)) Kaso yan nalang muna ang haba na kasi. Next time  I will share the photo of the very first EB I attended, I'm just too lazy to scan those now. kk~ Ang taba taba ko pa dun. HAHAHA as in. :)))) I'm sure tatawanan ninyo ko. :)))

Anyway, I don't know why I'm enjoying meeting online friends maybe because I just love having random convo and I'm enjoying to learn cultures and interests. :))

I hope this post can help sa mga may balak makipag-meet with their online/text friends. ^_____^

Posted by kryk
Monday, January 28, 2013
Wae no boyfie?

Wae no boyfie = why no boyfriend.. . kk~ :))

I was talking to a friend last night via phone so yeaaa we're having this conversation then suddenly he asked why I don't have boyfriend where in fact I am at the right age. Uhmm to be honest I can't pinpoint any specific reason. T__________T
But still I answered his question according to my belief were the reasons.

1. I'm an introvert person so I rarely meet people. I have tons of online friends though my personal social life really sucks. kk~ :) Tuwing may kpop events lang ako nabubuhay ehh. Hihi. So I think I haven't meet someone who is interested in me.

2. I freaking LIKE SOMEONE but the mere fact he is more feminine than me, duh, anong silbi kung ipush ko yung like to love di ba? Hihii. Whether magustuhan niya ako, sa huli yung second personality pa rin niya ang mag-wawagi. :))

3. We got no spark. Ilang beses na bang may ni-try i'match sa akin but in the end wala rin ehh. HAHAHA Ni wala nga akong naging ka'close sa kahit isa sa kanila.

4. I'm attracted to bunch of boys. T_____T at nahihirapan na akong i'dentify kung crush lang or love na. :(((

5. I admit I'm afraid to lose my freedom. I hate being restricted. That's gonna be a big problem in my part.

6. I can't share myself. Oo, I'm okay taking care of someone gustong gusto ko yun pero sa paraang alam ko. I don't want anyone to tell me what to do.

7. I'm looking for that someone who has the same interest with me. I can't like someone who's anti kpop. Sakalin ko pa siya. :)) And srsly, kahit itanggi ko pero totoo ehh tumataas na tumataas yung standards which kahit ako amindong mahirap hanapin ang mga yun sa isang tao.

8. Selfishly speaking, I'M HAPPY. :)))) Na'eenjoy ko kasi yung mga bagay na ngayon ko lang nagagawa. ^___^

Alam kong masaya ang may boyfriend. Madaming kilig moments di ba?
You will see how you transform to another person because of being in love. :) 
Though I have kilig moments being single too~ HAHAHA at wagas pa.

Ang daling magboyfriend. I'm sure you know what I mean, konting flirt~ BOOM!! INSTANT RELATIONSHIP. Ang dami ko na kasing kilala na nagsimula sa ganun pero err ~ no comment. Lol. Ayokong ipilit kung wala. I don't want to be in a relationship dahil na'pressure lang ako. But srsly yung pinsan ng papa ko, hindi nga boyfriend ang hinahanap sa akin ehh, asawa~ mag asawa na daw ako. JUSKOPO. T_T
Willing naman akong mag-asawa ehh :)) Basta si Hyukjae. HAHAHA :)))

Kung naging straight guy nga lang si crush kahit ako pa manligaw ginawa ko na, kaso hindi ehh. :) I know he loves his second personality more and I like him being honest to himself.

To all the singles like me, BE PROUD. HAVE FUN~ :) There are many reasons to be happy. Ü

Oops, for those who are curious, inabot po kami ng three hours ng friend ko. Lol. It was a fun convo. ^____^
Posted by kryk
Monday, January 21, 2013
Cosplay Craze
Annyeong chingu~ Ü

I went to SM City Rosario yesterday with my mom. Oo, SMR lang. Samantalang yung kapatid ko nasa MOA.
Uhh~ BItter much. T_T I just found out may TLJ na pala sa MOA.
I waaaaaaaant it badly. Huhuuu. It's one step closer to my Bebe Hyuk. Lol. ^_^

But anyway, so yeaaaa we went to SMR. Hihi. :)
Actually, I was the one who asked my mom to go there. A week ago, my friend told me that there will be a cosplay event. Hindi naman ako sasali nuh~ haha :) Don't have the guts kahit gustuhin ko man. Paano kase may rampahan mode. Lol.
I just wanna be there. I don't know but I really enjoy being in an event like that. Kpop or cosplay event. :))
Yung tipong kinikilig ako. HAHAHAHAHA :))) Not because of a person but because of the event itself. SRSLY. :)

If you think I'm not acting according to my age. OTL :((
But I just wanna have some fun and this kind of event makes me ohhh soooo happppy. ~ :)

Sorry for the low quality of the photos. kk~ :) I forgot to bring camera ehh. :( Fail.
I just used my phone's cam. :)) HAHA It was my mom who took the last two photos. :)
As I've guessed War Machine won as the grand winner. :)) Ang astig kaya ng costume niya~
I've seen people wearing costumes too kahit hindi kasali.
I should have persuaded more my cousin. :) I keep telling na sumali siya ehh. Sayang. ~ Sorry hahaha masyado bang pang-bata yung gusto ko? :)) Hihi.

Ohh I took selca too. :) I just freaking love every time my hair and eye have the same color. :)) My hair color is really more obvious with sun light argh~ :) Tumambay nalang kaya ako sa arawan para lagi siyang obvious nuh? HAHAHA :) 

Posted by kryk
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Camwhore :)
Who likes selca? Raise your hands up~ kk~ :) Can you see, I'm raising my hand pretty high here. Lol. I do love taking photos -- photos of myself or anything that catches my attention. ^_^

But anyway kaya yan ang topic ko dahil... . napapansin ko more people think I'm pretty  just by looking at my photos. *Ehem* I'm not saying na super chaka ako nor cute it's just the way they compliment me, well, I think it's too much.

I appreciated those compliments. It's just weird sa pakiramdam kasi they have not seen me in person yet tapos yung compliment sobraaaa. I think there are times that the camera loves me too much. :) At saka nga di ba, I always take photos when I'm in the mood so basically it reflects in my pictures. Happy mood. ^_^

As I'm always saying, it's just photos. :) Compliment me kapag nakita ninyo na ako ng personal and I bet no one will. I'm pretty simple sa personal. S-I-M-P-L-E malayong malayo doon sa mga photos unless I feel confident enough.

I just love taking selcas kasi I can be anything I want kumbaga outlet ko yun ehh. :)
I can wear anything I like. I can strike any pose. I can style myself anything I want. I can show my other personality. kk~ ^_^

Actually minsan kasi I wanna wear something or style myself differently pero nahihiya ako or I think pansinin kaya ayun hanggang photos ko lang ginagawa.

I experienced many times na matitigan ng ibang tao and somehow the feeling sucks. :(
Feeling ko alien akong naligaw sa mundo ng mga tao. Huuu. I just don't get why others like to stare to random people. T_T Ang creeeeeeepy kaya!

Anyway, I'll show you some of my favorite selcas and my most chaka photos.
HAHAHA so you will know what I mean. :)

random selcas from different months last year.

selcas from November of last year.

selcas from December of last year.

and this is my latest selcas as of January 2013 kk~ :)

Don't ask me how many selcas I have. Lol. I have hundreds in my external. ^_^
As you can see, I have bbcream, eyeliner and lip gloss sa lahat ng selcas ko.

And this selcas are my most plain look. Walang bbcream, eyeliner or lip gloss.
In the first photo sorry for being sweaty. Kakalabas ko lang from port sauna nan. kk~

So, do you get my point? Lol. I can look different anytime I want. :) Kaya don't believe in my photos. People here in my place see me in my chaka state most of the time kesa sa maganda ehh. Sa totoo lang muka akong chimay pag nasa bahay. T_T

Nag-aayos lang naman ako pag naalis. :) Depende pa yun sa mood at kung saan ako pupunta pero pag inatake ako ng katamaran kahit mall pa yan, IDON'TCARE. LOL kahit andoon pa yung crush ko. ISTILLDON'TCARE. Lol.

Naniniwala naman akong lahat ng tao maganda pero merong panahon nga lang na nagiging mas maganda o mas chaka. ^_^

I'm confident with myself but siguro dahil sa pagiging introvert ko sometimes I still have doubts. kk~ But still I'm happy to express myself in any means I can. :)

Posted by kryk
Monday, January 14, 2013
Mom's Birthday
Hello there. How are you doing so far? ~~ :)

My mom celebrated her 56th birthday last January 10 (Thursday.) Actually, wala namang balak mag-handa si mama talaga but since we still have our own money, my bro and I tapos  si papa pa, we decided to have even just a small celebration. We didn't invite anyone else, just few close relatives. ^_^

We bought cake, I cooked spaghetti, then my father cooked pancit, lumpiang sariwa, at ang star food ng oras na yun, hihi ang MANOK SA PUGAD. It was my first time na makatikim ng dish na yun. :) It was my brother who bought it. kk~ :)
Nothing is really special with this dish just the usual fried chicken na nakapatong sa fried noodles which serves as the pugad haha tapos there's two boiled eggs but it has a clever name, di ba? Astig haha~ :) Yeeeap ang sarap. It's actually like a Chinese dish. ^_^

I don't have any gift. So, the night before her birthday pinilit kong gumawa ng kahit na maikling slideshows. I don't know but I'm really in to this. Hihi. :))

Naisip ko, kung naging lalaki ako ang swerte siguro ng magiging girlfriend ko? HAHAHA.

*Random thoughts* T^T 
Pero kase feeling ko ang sweet ko lang talaga. Puahahaha~ Feeling ko lang naman. v(^^,)

Anyway, here's the video I made. 

What can you say? Hihihi~ Lame? I know. Wala sa mood kase. :((( Pero okay lang di ba? At least I made something for her. :)

Anyway, thank you po sa lahat ng nagcomment sa previous post ko.
So much appreaciated~ ^_^ After a long time ngayon lang ulit ata ako nawili mag blog hop.
Thank you fellow bloggers~ :)
Posted by kryk
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
It runs in the blood.
Fangirling is a world where fangirls are the people and where the biases serve as the basic needs. :)

I feel like a zombie right now. I barely had an hour of sleep since yesterday blame all those ideas popping out in my head last night. While I was peacefully lying in my bed there's a lot of crazy fangirl things running in my mind. So, yea. I end up typing all in my phone notes and yes it was another sleepless night. kk~

You know I am fangirl, right? A proud ELF to be exact! And if you are my facebook friend I'm sure you have seen some of my posts regarding of my lola being a fangirl too.

Kaya nga di ba palagi kong sinasabi, it runs in the blood. :))

I think my lola and I have lot of things in common.
Aside for being a fangirl, we two love to reminisce, such a crybaby, and fond of keeping any kind of remembrance.

My lola is now 83 years old and believe me until now kung kiligin yan kay Victor Wood, wagas wagas! hahaha :)) I don't know much about Victor Wood and even my other cousins but hella yeaaa~ yung kanta niyang "Eternally" without looking for the lyrics online, namemorize namin~~! Paano nangyari? Simple, sa halos araw-araw na pagpapatugtog ng lola ko. HAHAHA  Mapa-umaga man o tanghali, kahit anong oras pa yan~ When she feels like listening to it, asahan mo~! Nagsusumigaw ang "I'll be loving you eternally, with a love so true, eternally~~" oh and one more thing, asahan mo habang naka-play ang Eternally, yung lola namin naiyak na~ :)) See? Even just this song can make her cry. But I know why she's like that, every time she hears this song I'm totally sure she thinks of my beloved lolo (RIP) I don't know whether it's their theme song or not but nakamulatan ko na yung kantang  yan ever since. When my lolo died, yan yung kantang tinututog ng mosiko. At sa lahat ng video or slideshow presentations na nagawa ko para sa kanya hindi pwedeng mawala ang kantang yun. SO YEAAAA. SUPER IMMUNE NA AKO/KAMI. haha :))
And even people around her, kahit yung kapitbahay or taga kabilang kalye. Basta narinig yung walang kamatayang "Eternally" lola ko palagi daw ang naiisip nila. :))

How hardcore a fangirl she is? Oh well~ sa pagkalap ko lang naman ng impormasyon she made her own chapter of Victor Wood's fan club sa NAIC, CAVITE! hahaha OMG~ :) She was the adviser. Kamusta naman yun? At tinalo talaga ako. HAHAHA :) I'm a fan pero hanggang doon lang, I mean I join fan clubs but never na naging officials and she was! FTW~ :)

She told me stories about her being able to see Victor Wood up-close for so many times! She was able to visit him in his house and met Victor's mom. She even went to studios. WTF~! Sobrang consistent! HAHA  I'm wondering kung gaano kalaki ang nagastos niya sa fangirling life niya noon. hihi. :)) Patas na kaya kami? Lol. :)

I'll tell you a funny story --- My lola was invited to Victor Wood's birthday. Ayun, ehh di ba nga super fan, super attend ang lola. Nung time daw na pauwi na HAHAHAHA walang masakyan dahil gabi na (if you know my place, ang super layo kasi neto) my lola and her friends end up hitching sa isang delivery truck ng kawayan going to Cavite. HAHAHA FTW~ :) ANG LAKAS MAKA FANATIC . HAHAHAHA :) Sacrifice to the F ang peg. hihi~

And for all I know may asawa at anak na ang lola ko nung nag-fangirl siya. HAHAHA :)) How was that? SUCH A HARDCORE HAHA!

I personally see myself in her. Seriously~ No one thought me who to love or who to admire. Para sa akin kase just like real love, may spark rin yan. Hihi. Once you get hooked, there's no turning back. Seize the moment! I'm sure by loving Super Junior I'm facing big adventure. :) Loving them is one of the best thing I have ever did, seriously! :) Iba ang Super Junior, ibang-iba. 

I am a fangirl and I guess I will always be. Fangirling is not just about staring at their photos, watching their videos or spazzing. There is more about fangirling. :)
You gotta find and understand it yourself. :)) 

Fangirls are happy people , we have unlimited inspirations.

Fangirls are great investigators, we know how to stalk.

Fangirls are devoted people, we offer pure love to our bias.

Fangirls are resourceful, we have the brightest idea on how to earn  and save money.

Fangirls are amazing people, we have super extended family connected by heart.

Posted by kryk
Friday, January 4, 2013
Happy New Year!
Hello fellow bloggers~ :) I hope I'm not too late to greet you Happy New Year~ :))
I wasn't able to make any year-end post, nakakapanibago. Lol. :(
But I'm here now~ kk~ making my first entry for this brand new year~ Ü

I have been really thankful for all the blessings I received last year and even with all the hardships and mistakes I did. :)
For the times I laughed and for the times I cried, cheers~!!
Hindi naman kasi perpekto yung buhay ko, buhay namin pero knowing I passed all those things I always believe I'm being a better and stronger person. :))

Anyway, how's your 2013 so far? ^_^
Mine is freaking amazing~

Okaaaaaay hihi this is actually a fangirl post again. Lol.
It was yesterday when Ms. Happee tweeted this :

If you are in to kpop, there's no doubt, you definitely understand what she means. kk~

#10jeom = 2PM
#wetchuriya [oetoriya] = CNBLUE

and this OMG~~~~~ *inhale & exhale*

#bwara = S U P E R J U N i O R!!!!! :)))

I am a Boice too, you know I love Jonghyun of CNBLUE pero ang hindi talaga nagpakali sa akin ehh yung #BWARA HAHAHAHA  SUPER JUNIOR babyyy~
that's my FANDOM~ MY FANDOM~~ :))

I'm excited~ Sobraaaaaaaa~ The moment I knew about that news, I asked Beloy na ibili ako ng alkansya. :))) Fail ako mag-ipon sa totoo lang. :( Kahit nung may work pa ako but now I'll try my very best! I can't miss such event like this, that's my baby~~ my Super Junior!

That's my coin bank :)) Cute, right? So stunning. Lol. I named it, Wakombit. HAHAHA
Lagi ko kasi yung nababasa sa twitter. :))
As of now, sa pagkakatanda ko it has less than 1k inside. I need to make more ipon. LOL. Months to go, I'm going to see SUPER JUNIOR AGAIN THAT WILL BE THE BEST GIFT FOR MYSELF EVER~ :))

Kapwa ko ELF, antay lang ~~ darating sila ulit~ hihi :)))


Posted by kryk