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Hello People Of The Blog World! ^^.
Welcome to my blog where of all of thoughts are being expressed, where most of my shits and randomness are being shared, where even i talk nonsensically you still spare time and care. Ü

I like blogging because it connects me to YOU and i definitely love YOU because in YOU i found new friend. ^.^

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Saturday, October 26, 2013
Annyeong! :)

I am now in my best state to share this moment! Ü

Actually, I don’t know how to start. kk~
I admit I still have a post-SS5-syndrome.
I can vividly see them whenever I close my eyes.
I can even hear them singing in my mind.
OA much? HAHAHAHA but that’s real and I know most ELF feel the same way too. Ü
Sorry ha? Pero fangirling much ang post na ito! kk~ ^____^ Go!

Though the concert will start at 7 pm I already went to MOA around lunch time. Excited ehh! Hihi :)
And I still have few things to do, kunin lahat ng mga bagay na ni’order ko online for the concert, mag-check-in sa hotel, at makipag-meet and greet/spazz sa mga random online friends. kk~

Honestly, I did not feel like SS5 is a concert. I felt like it was a big party!
Halos lahat ng kinanta nila pwera sa mga ballad sumasayaw ako. kk~ :)) Ang saya ehh! Feeling ko nasa disco lang.
Yung connection between Super Junior and us, ELF, super wow! :)
That night, I can frankly tell I lose myself in a good way. As in I totally lose myself!!! HAHA Ü
Walang hiya hiya, kanta kung kanta, sayaw kung sayaw. It was really a night to remember!
As you all know, I have been waiting for this event a long time ago.
After palang ng SS3, been wanting them to come back here, hindi naman ako nabigo because of SiHae event but still seeing them in a concert is a different thing.

God has a better plan talaga. :) Wala mang SS4 ang Pinas.
He gave us SS5! What made it more special was because of Heechul, my love.Ü
Imagine, he just got released from the service and his first concert happened here! :)

Heechul is my first bias, it’s just naagaw ni Hyuk ang atensyon ko when Hee entered military.
Though until now maka- Hyuk pa rin ako. Hihi. :) I dunno. Iba si Hyuk ehh~ Punong puno ako ng pag-nanasa sa kanya! HAHAHAHA :)))

The concert was an almost four hours of being in heaven!
If you are going to ask what’s my fave part.. . Like OMG! EVERYTHING! HAHAHA :))
Seeing them performing live, it is the best feeling ever!

Pero sobrang tumatak talaga sa puso ko ang performance nila ng

“How I Am Supposed To Live Without You” I was moved.  Damang-dama ko sila. Period.
“Gray Paper” Even Yesung is in the service right now I can feel his presence during the concert.

Prior to the concert while reading the fan projects feeling ko maiiyak ako sa SO I and MARRY U but I was so wrong. These two songs gave me the most intimate moment na sobrang humaplos sa puso ko.

“ROCK STAR” one word to describe it : HOT! Ang sarap papakin ni Hyuk!! HAHA :))

I highly appreciated how the boys tried to speak in English.
We all know only Henry can speak English fluently but the other members tried and it made the concert extraordinary. I love every time they will interact with us.
Told you, language can never be a barrier (now, I’m smiling like an idiot here) kk~

The boys did call us “CRAZY” HAHAHA :)

Okay, another moment I can’t miss not to share is yung after MARRY U project. HAHAHA :)
Aminin man o hindi, lumalabas talaga yung pagka-pervert ng ELF ehh. kk~ :)
There was this banner being raised after that song saying “Fine. Let’s make babies!” in Hangul!
Like OMG haha :) Na-culture shock ata sila. ‘chos!
Funny thing was they agreed. kk~ :) HAHAHAHA
Since Super Show Five has ended their next concert will be Super Show Sex (Six)
Darn these boys! kk~ :)))

And they started calling us “BABY” kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~
I will never use baby as an endearment to anyone else.
Now, it will only be for SUPER JUNiOR. My babies. kk~ Madami ehh! Lol Ü

I am now married so please call me, Mrs. Super Junior. HAHAHAHA Ü

After the concert, I met a barista who is also a kpop fan. :)
Hindi ako nagsabing SUJU ang ilagay niya. Lol. Matik ehh~ ^____^

Kahit ilang araw ata ang lumipas hindi matatapos ang feels ko for this event. :)

I am happy for my friends too.
Most of my personal and online friends had the chance to witness this event.
Though iba-iba kami ng area but knowing we were watching the same show, uber love! :))

I am super thankful. Sobra.

I even lost counting how many times I uttered “Thank You Lord”
Well, that’s one thing I can be proud of, whether I am happy or sad, hindi ko talaga
nakakalimutang tawagan si God. Lalo na pag masaya ako. :))))
I am telling Him all my stories and I know He’s the first one na masaya kapag masaya ako. :)

To my PSWDO family, awww I am thankful na kahit it’s just few months since I started working there naintindihan nila yung kabaliwan ko for this event na kahit busy sa office they still allow me to go. :) No questions answered. Super thank youuuuuuuu!

To all of my fellow ELF, kahit na ang tamad ninyo mag-taas ng banner I am still proud of you kk~ :) We all made the boys happy. Though hindi tayo kilala sa mga fan projects, tumatatak naman sa boys yung kabaliwan at kaingayan natin! Great Job! Ü

I’m going to cut this super long post. HAHAHA :)
Sorry. Overwhelmed much! :)

Last na pala because I need to brag about this!

Finally, met a blogger friend!!! :)))
Ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddadaddarabba

Met this chiQ named XiAN! kk~
Okay, I thought her name is pronounce as Shi-An. I was wrong pala! It’s ShAn!

She is the very first blogger friend I’ve met!!! Ang saya lang! kk~ :)
Though we have limited time spazzing but knowing her personally is a big thing!

Nice to meet you, Xian! :) Thanks for the photo. Lol Ü
I grabbed it from your post. :)))

Posted by kryk
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Welcome To My World!
As I have said in my old post, 
"Fangirling is a world where fangirls are the people and where the biases serve as the basic needs." :)

Okay, honestly, I feel bad neglecting my blog for quite some time. I have been busy with work and other offline stuff.
And now, I'm eager to make a post because of this blog promo. At least I have a reason to blog, right? :)

Ohhhh~ Annyeong my blogger friends! Ü

I'm a fangirl since I was 8-year-old (I'm into boyband that time) I just got into the world of KPOP just last 2010.

It was really a life changing event for me.

Blame BONAMANA! :) It was the very first video of Super Junior I have watched and viola~!
I found myself searching about their profiles, listening to their other songs and memorizing who is who.
Alam mo yung pakiramdam na nakikinig ka lang naman ng kanta nila pero kahit hindi mo maintindihan,
I feel like my heart is melting. :)

Indeed, I got hit by the cupid's arrow, I seriously fell in love with them. :)

From then on, I devoted my love for them.
Some may think it's OA, but you know, loving them is one of the best thing I have ever did.
No joke bago pa magka-SS5 I was praying badly and guess what I keep on saying?
"Lord, kahit three years pa po akong walang boyfriend basta magka-SUPER SHOW lang."

I know it's funny but that's what my heart been longing for.
It has been to two years since SS3 and I badly want to see them performing live again.

Because of them I have been into a lot of kpop conventions and met a lot of awesome people!
I believe with ELF NO ONE IS A STRANGER. :)
Whenever I meet friends, personally or online,  wala ng hiyaan moment! SPAZZING NA AGAD! Hihi :))
And we never fight because of bias, we love to share! hihi :) Para sa ELF the more the merrier! Ü

My previous blog layout! ^_^

Celebrating KrySiHae 1st Year Anniversary. :)

First attempt to make a fondant cake ONLY FOR HYUKJAE. :)

After Heechul's birthday celebration. Look how gorgeous he is! Urgh~ :)

My letter to Super Junior. :)

Celebrating SUPER JUNIOR'S anniversary at home! yaaaaay~ :)

Cakes for Hyukkie my loves! :)

Oppa, it's my birthday kiss me! kk~ Ü

Temporary tattoo. Ü

Kyaaaaaa~ Banner for SS5 :) I'm ready!! 

Hello from Jjinppang! :)

My room is AWESOME! :)


And yes, that's my baby boy. Ü

Iba ang Super Junior, ibang-iba. :)

I am a fangirl and I guess I will always be.
Fangirling is not just about staring at their photos, watching their videos or spazzing.
There is more about fangirling. :) 

Fangirls are happy people , we have unlimited inspirations.

Fangirls are great investigators, we know how to stalk.

Fangirls are devoted people, we offer pure love to our bias.

Fangirls are resourceful, we have the brightest idea on how to earn  and save money.

Fangirls are amazing people, we have super extended family connected by heart.


I hope they will make my fangirling moment more special~ :) http://pkci.org/ & bit.ly/GoUNLI30 ~
You know what's common about SUPER JUNiOR and GLOBE? ---- There is NO OTHER! BOOOOM~ Ü
Go lang ng go dahil making great fangirling moment possible, Globe ang bahala dito! :)
Posted by kryk