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Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Move Out
Helloooooooooooooooooooo~ :)

You know I'm always the timid shy-type of a person. I missed many opportunities because of my shyness and it really sucks though I can't blame no one but myself.
But I think something change. As I have told you before, my work helped me to develop my self-esteem and boost my confidence as well as the people surrounding me.

Tracy has been my officemate since December last year. Actually, mas nauna pa siya sa office na yun bilang isang OJT. We are both assigned as our boss' secretaries so most of the time we are together.
Ewan ko ba being with her kung anu-anong kalokohan ang natututunan ko. :)
Isa rin siya sa mga taong nakilala ko na napaka-selfless at bait. Sa totoo lang ang dali niya ngang mauto ehh at napaka-iyakin rin but you know what I like most about her?
She helped me to move out from my comfort zone. ^___^
Tinuruan niya ako kung paano maging makapal ang mukha. Haha.

She taught me not to be shy and timid at all time.
She taught me to realize how beautiful I am with or without pimples.
She taught me to loosen up.
She taught me to be happier.
I'm happy with my life but happier now with the friends I have.

Just last March 8, Audrey, my inaanak turned one and it was celebrated at Mcdo-Palapala.
Call me crazy but I enjoyed the party more than those kids. HAHAHA.
I swear! It was the very first kiddie party I have ever enjoy!
I did have fun because of one thing, I stop being shy and did participate with the games.
From then on, I decided to feel more comfortable about myself at iwasang mahiya. :)

Okay lang mag-mukang tanga, masaya naman! ^_________^

Posted by kryk